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Re: Plotting Surfaces from data

In article <8kje8a$e4j at>, Derek Stoll <dcstoll at> 

> I have data of the form, {{x,y,z},...}.  I am trying to plot it on a 3D
> surface where the color is a function of z.  I have been able to plot it
> in several ways, but none of them will allow me to set the color as a
> function of z using the ColorFunction->Hue or any other means that I can
> come up with.  Can anyone tell me a way to do this?
> Thank you,
> Derek

why don't you just try something like:
first define what you want to plot in 3D say points for example


then you plot it

MyListOfDatas= {{x,y,z},...}

then you just do


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