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Re: Re: more wrong integrals

 Hendrik, If I understand correctly you are talking about integrals of
the form:

 Integrate[ alpha^(a0-1) (1-alpha)^(a1-1) / (Seuclidean alpha (1-aplha)
+m0^2 (1-alpha) + m1^2 alpha -i epsilon) ^(a0+a1-d/2), {alpha,0,1} ]

 I have dealt with these integrals in Mathematica for the case where one
mass is zero (infrared divergences!!). In that case you end up with
Hypergeometric2F1. I have gotten satisfactory results, not impplying
that Mathematica never got confused.

 I would like to know in more detail what integrals you are trying to do
in Mathematica. Maybe I could be of help. Otto Linsuain. 

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