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Responses for Box-Cox transformations

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  • Subject: [mg23514] Responses for [mg23479] Box-Cox transformations
  • From: David Alan Paul <david_alan_paul at>
  • Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 02:45:00 -0400 (EDT)
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The following are answers that have been given me in response to my query
mg23479 regarding Box-Cox transformations.  Thanks to both gentlemen for
their advice!  -David Paul


Dear David,
Try this:
fm[fun_, startv_, opts___] :=
  Module[{vars = Table[Unique[], {Length[startv]}]},
	fun[Sequence @@ vars],
     Evaluate[Sequence @@ MapThread[List, {vars, startv}]],

fun[a_,b_]:=Sin[a b];

fm does the same as FindMinimum, but takes a function symbol 
and a list of starting values instead of a Sequence of variable-
startingValue pairs.

Hope that helps. Of course, you could extend this Module in 
various directions. The simple idea is to generate a List of variables 
inside of the module and then to use MapThread to generate a 
Sequence of pairs of variables and starting values. The Evaluate is 
necessary, because FindMininum has Attribute HoldAll.

Johannes Ludsteck
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Dear David Paul,
	What you have to do is to treat your variables and starting values
as objects of their own.  _Somewhere_ you have to specify them, e.g. as
vars = {x, y, z};    (* these must be symbols without a value *) 
starts = {x0, y0, z0};   (* these are the starting points, substitute
or give the x0,... a value respectively *)

FindMinimum[function, ##] & @@ Transpose[{vars, starts}]
FindMinimum::"fmns": "Starting value \!\(x0\) in \!\({x, x0}\) is not a  
                      real \number."
(* the error was provoked to see the following: *)
FindMinimum[function, {x, x0}, {y, y0}, {z, z0}]

Kind regards,  
	Wolf Hartmut <hwolf at>  

David Alan Paul
<david_alan_paul at>

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