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Re: Displaying 3D data as 2D + color ?


data = Table[{Random[], Random[], Random[]}, {15}];
gr = TriangularSurfacePlot[data, DisplayFunction -> Identity]

Show[gr /. Polygon[pnts_] :> {SurfaceColor[Hue[Plus @@ (Last /@ pnts)]], 
        Polygon[pnts]}, DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction]

You should scale the Hue[] argument to your scale of the z-axis.


Axel Kowald wrote:
> Hello,
> I got numerical 3D data (x,y,z coordinates) which are NOT lying on a
> grid, but are scattered. I would like to plot them as 2D with the color
> of the points indicating the z value. It seems the standard Mathematica plotting
> commands can't do that :-(
> But I'm sure there must be a package for this problem.
> Any hint is welcomed,
>         Axel
> --

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