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Re: Testing the Head of List Elements


One way of accomplishing this is to use the Select command, with the
StringQ test condition. For example, try the following:

In[7]:= Select[{"a", 23.0, \[Alpha], 4, "376", -7}, StringQ]

Out[7]= {"a", "376"}

Note that if your list has already been assigned a name, then simply
substitute it in place of the list.


J. Leko
University of Alabama in Huntsville

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In article <8psf4k$9n1 at>, "Marshall Bartlett"
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> I'm something of a newbie with Mathematica; please excuse my ignorance.
> I am looking for a clever way to select elements from a list based on their
> type (Head).  Specifically, I want to extract all the elements of type
> dtring from a list of elements of different types (string, number,
> character, etc.).
> Any suggestions?
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> Marshall Bartlett
> Department of Geology and Geophysics
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