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Re: Manipulating Strings

In article <9ajmoi$sav at>, bghiggins at (Brian
Higgins) wrote:

> Dear Math group,
> I have a string with runs of repeated characters and  want to  replace
> sequences of repeated characters with a single character. For example
> consider the string
> Thus I want a function that will take the groups "LLL" and "NN" in the
> above string and replace them with "L" and "N". 
> Now I have been able to devise such a function but it seems pretty
> clunky, and I was wondering if anyone had a better idea tha made use
> of StringMatchQ to do the same task. Here is my method
> squash[str_String] := Module[{repeatCharList, repeatPattern,
> repeatChar},
>     repeatCharList = 
>       Select[Split[Characters[proteinString2]], Length[#] > 1 &];
>     repeatPattern = Apply[StringJoin, repeatCharList, 1];
>     repeatChar = Map[First, repeatCharList];
>     StringReplace[str, Thread[repeatPattern -> repeatChar]]]
> Thanks much,
> Brian



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