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Re: Greatest element in list


without your data I can't reproduce the problem.

MaxPosition = Compile[{{lst, _Real, 1}}, Module[{max = First[lst], pos =
1, i = 2},
        If[# > max, max = #; pos = i++, i++] & ,

is atleast faster than Position[#, Max[#]] &[lst]

In[]:=lst = Table[Random[], {1000000}];

In[]:=Timing[Position[#, Max[#]] &[lst]]
Out[]={6.85 Second, {{602020}}}

Out[]={4.42 Second, 602020}

Because it scans the list only once.


Oliver Friedrich wrote:
> Hi,
> what's the best way to get the position of the greatest number in list of
> reals? I've tried
> Position[#,Max[#]]&list
> but surprisingly, it doesn't work all the time, sometimes it returns an
> empty list. How is that, because a theorem says that a non empty set of real
> numbers must have at least one biggest element. So Max[#] can't be empty.
> Any solutions ?
> Oliver Friedrich

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