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Re: Plot Joined Intelligently

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  • Subject: [mg30619] Re: Plot Joined Intelligently
  • From: aes <siegman at>
  • Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 04:09:44 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Stanford University
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In article <9mkrg6$1pg$1 at>,
 "Stephen P Luttrell" <luttrell at> wrote:

> > Is there a way to get PlotJoined
> > *with the plots also shown as points or symbols*?

> Here is an example of what you want.
> <<Graphics`MultipleListPlot`
> MultipleListPlot[Table[{x,Sin[x]},{x,0,2Pi,Pi/12}],PlotJoined->True,
>     SymbolShape->{PlotSymbol[Box]}];

Yes, thanks, that works fine.

But just to be a little cranky nonetheless:

1)  Why does PlotJoined work this way in MultipleListPlot -- and work 
exactly the opposite way in ListPlot?

2)  Why are the (very useful) SymbolShape and related options available 
in MultipleListPlot -- and NOT available in ListPlot (where they'd be 
equally useful?

3)  What sense does it make to have Plot[{f1,f2,f2}] accept multiple 
functions -- but ListPlot[list] only accept single lists?

4)  In fact, why does MultipleListPlot exist at all?  Why doesn't 
ListPlot, in an upgraded form, do it all, uniformly and consistently?

I'd suggest, politely but with a bit of annoyance, that Wolfram should, 
sometime soon, turns its attention from continuing to add ever more 
exotic and esoteric special functions (ButcherBetaBar, Khintchine's 
constant, Lerch's transcendant phi), and focus concentrated attention 
for a while on cleaning up, simplifying, and rationalizing the user 
interface, with a focus on consistency.

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