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Re: Export to WMF file and EPS Export, Wrong characters

Both of these questions have to do with the fact that some applications do 
not render the Mathematica fonts. See

for a list of possible solutions.


At 11:13 PM 11/28/2001, Max Ulbrich wrote:
>I have a problem when I want to export graphics
>to a WMF file. I am using Mathematica
>and Windows 98.
>If I have text with brackets in my graphics, after
>importing the WMF graphics file to CorelDraw 10
>I get "H" for "(" and "L" for ")", and the font sizes
>seem to be different to what I have seen before in
>How can I solve this problem?
>Reply to:
>ulbrich at

At 11:13 PM 11/28/2001, Christian Eissner wrote:
>Dear Newsgroup,
>I own Mathematica Version 4.1.1 on a (german) Windows 98 system.
>With the commands
>meinegraphik =
>     MultipleListPlot[Take[data[[1]], {3, 82}], Take[data[[1]], {83,
>       PlotLegend -> {"Wt(h_i)", "p(h_i)"}, PlotRange -> {0.0, 0.12},
>       PlotJoined -> True, AxesLabel -> {"i", "N/m"},
>       LegendOrientation -> Horizontal, LegendSize -> {1, 0.12},
>       LegendPosition -> {-0.4, -0.8},
>       SymbolShape -> None,
>       PlotStyle -> {{RGBColor[1, 0, 0]}, {RGBColor[0, 0, 1]}}]
>   meinegraphik, ImageResolution -> 300]
>I export the graphik in a EPS-File Format.
>I use
>AxesLabel -> {"i", "N/m"}
>to name the axes
>PlotLegend -> {"Wt(h_i)", "p(h_i)"}
>to name the legend.
>The problem is that I get in the printer-output for the Legend and the
>Axes (only eps-printout) the legend-text "WtHh_iL pHh_iL" and the axes
>text "N m".
>Obviously the "(" will be printed as "H", the ")" as "L" and the "/" as
>In the mathematica FrontEnd the charakters are shown correct.
>Is anybody able to help me? Maybe there is a problem with the
>mathematica eps-export?
>Thank for the answers in advance.

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