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Re: comma delimited output file -- modify existing code?

On Sat, 8 Dec 2001, 1.156 wrote:

> A year ago or so, some kind soul gave me the very valuable
> method of writing a tab delimited array to a text file. Due
> to incompetence on my part, I don't have his name.

Postings made to this forum are archived and may be searched at this URL:

Judging from the arcihves, it looks like the author may have been David

> My data in wList goes nicely into a tab delimited file.
> Now, I'd like to make it a comma delimited file but (again
> due to an amazing incompetence) I can't figure out how to
> modify it for commas.  The "/t" shure looks like the culprit
> but when I change it to "/c" I don't get commas but '/c' as
> delimiters. So it is the delimiter spec but what is the
> comma spec??

Within a Mathematica string, commas do not need escaping.

In[1]:= stmp = OpenWrite["test.txt"]

Out[1]= OutputStream[test.txt, 3]

In[2]:= WriteString[stmp, "before, after"]

In[3]:= Close[stmp]

Out[3]= test.txt

In[4]:= !! test.txt
before, after

Hence, you should be able to replace "\t" with ",".

If you use Mathematica 4.1, the kernel also supports export to CSV format.

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