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Problems in rendering Graphics3D with RealTime3D (Mathematica 4.1)


And here I am again. Why I did not get any clue at all to my previous

Now, if you run the Brian's example (with and without RealTime3D) you will
see what happen because the resulting shapes are rather different.

(sol = Flatten[(z /. Solve[#1, z] & ) /@ {3*x - 2*y + 4*z - 3 == 0, 
      2*x - 4*y + 3*z == 1, x - 3*y + 2*z == 5}])*
  (plts = Table[Plot3D[{sol[[i]], RGBColor[1/(2*i), 1/i, 0]}, {x, -3, 4}, 
     {y, -3, 3}, DisplayFunction -> Identity], {i, 1, 3}])*
  Show[plts, DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction, 
   ViewPoint -> {4.011, 1.453, 2.415}, BoxRatios-> {1,1,1}]



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