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Out of Memory. Exiting.

Hello everyone...

I've searched the archives extensively, and found various answers to my
problem. However, none of them helped me. I am trying to find the
eigenvectors to a 3x3 matrix. I keep running into Out of Memory Exiting
problems, whether I run it with the frontend or without. I am running
Mathematica 3 on a RedHat Linux 5.1, Kernel 2.0.35  Pentium II 400 with
128MB of RAM. The matrix I have contains 2 variables, and I am trying to
solve the for the Eigenvectors symbolically in terms of these variables.
The catch is that the variables are trigonometric functions. Following is
the command I execute. The result is "Out of Memory. Exiting." What can I
do? Could someone else try this on their more powerful machines, or will it
still run into the same problem? Or is there a way of simplifying this? Or
the matrix?

Thanks very much,

[ivan@apollo ivan]$ more jobs/i.txt
Eigenvectors[{{Cos[q]^2 - Cos[2*p]*Sin[q]^2,
   1.*(Sin[2*p]*Sin[2.*p]*Sin[q] + Cos[p]^2*Cos[2.*p]*Sin[2*q]),
   1.*Cos[2.*p]*Sin[2*p]*Sin[q] - 1.*Cos[p]^2*Sin[2.*p]*Sin[2*q]},
  {-(Cos[p]^2*Sin[2*q]), 1.*Cos[q]*Sin[2*p]*Sin[2.*p] -
    1.*Cos[2.*p]*(-(Cos[2*p]*Cos[q]^2) + Sin[q]^2),
   1.*(Cos[2.*p]*Cos[q]*Sin[2*p] +
      Sin[2.*p]*(-(Cos[2*p]*Cos[q]^2) + Sin[q]^2))},
  {Sin[2*p]*Sin[q], -1.*Cos[2.*p]*Cos[q]*Sin[2*p] + 1.*Cos[2*p]*Sin[2.*p],
   1.*(Cos[2*p]*Cos[2.*p] + Cos[q]*Sin[2*p]*Sin[2.*p])}}]>>>EVec-Symb;
[ivan@apollo ivan]$

(For those who are interested, this matrix is a rotation matrix that takes
the orthonormal basis of a cone rotating around a replica cone from its
initial to its final position. p and q are the cone semi-angle, and the
parametrized position of the rotated cone respectively.)

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