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Re: FORTRAN style, not OK?

> In[20]:=
> v = 5
> c = 2
> v = v - c
> Out[20]= 5
> Out[21]= 2
> Out[22]= 3
> Whatever the problem is, it is not Mathematica's own syntax. Why not look
> more closely at what your code does?
> --
> Paul Lutus


the problem is, that v[] is a function call and *not* a
reference to a variable. So

define a recusion and not a reference to a value in a list
like v[[i]].

*And* that v[i] is a function call is a "problem" of
Mathematica's syntax.

The true problem is that Toshiyuki Meshii try
to use function values as arrays because FORTRAN's
syntax make no difference between A(i,j) as an array
reference *or* as an function call.


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