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Re: Mathematica generating gifs for avi's

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  • Subject: [mg29763] Re: [mg29713] Mathematica generating gifs for avi's
  • From: <axc at>
  • Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 01:00:08 -0400 (EDT)
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you're right it works. but listen to the steps i have to take to
generate avi's for my presentation. nevermind generating names such as
'frame00001.gif' so that the shareware converter (in this case gif
movie gear) loads them in the correct order - even so there are always
several frames out of sequence and i have to permute them manually,
for each .avi. this is obviously a bug in gif-movie-gear but it could
be avoided if Mathematica had the ability to generate avi's directly, that'd
also save the step of having to save each frame as a gif. i hear this
is possible on macs but not pc's. since animations are becoming more
common will Mathematica/pc include this function in the future?

by the way here's two i created with Mathematica + gif-movie-gear, showing
gait generation at two different paramter values (from random initial
conditions, gaits stabilize to metachronal and tripod resp)

alan calvitti
axc at

>>>>> "D" == Dale Horton <daleh at> writes:

    D> At 02:08 AM 7/4/2001, axc at wrote:

    >> i'm trying to generate an avi movie for powerpoint. since
    >> Mathematica for windows doesn't support this directly, i'm
    >> exporting individual .gifs with Mathematica's Export[], then
    >> using shareware to convert to avi.
    >> problem is, i have 1000's of frames and it's taking a long time
    >> to render each one. shouldn't it be possible to direct
    >> Mathematica not to render and rather to save these plots? i'm
    >> using Export[,"GIF"] and i tried
    DisplayFunction-> Identity but doesn't work. any runarounds?
    >>  alan calvitti axc at

    DisplayFunction-> Identity should work fine.

    D> In[1]:= Export["test.gif", Plot[x,{x,0,1},
    D> DisplayFunction->Identity]]

    D> Out[1]= test.gif

    D> -Dale

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