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RE: notation help: f(x) = (sin x)^(1/3)

I have a follow-up to this.  Although I get a partial graph, I get a message
about some domain values that return non-real machine size numbers, or
something to that effect.  In fact, I defined f[x_]=(Sin[x])^(1/3) and when
I found f[values in error message] mathematica returned one of the imaginary
solutions, as opposed to the real solution.  I understand that I can 'force'
mathematica to return the real solution, but shouldn't it do that by

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How do I plot this.  I must not be entering it correctly.  It's the
plot of the cube root of the Sine function.

Plot[[Sin[x]]^(1/3), {x, -10, 10}] isn't working.  Thanks.  

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