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Re: Exponential Equations

Depending on which version you have, one or both of these will work

Select[Solve[3^(2 x)==(1/9)^(x + 5),x], Element[x /. #, Reals]&]//FullSimplify

Select[Solve[3^(2 x)==(1/9)^(x + 5),x], FreeQ[x /. #, Complex]&]//FullSimplify

Bob Hanlon

In a message dated 2001/5/12 9:48:40 PM, PLarson at writes:

>Why can't Mathematica find x = -5/2 when executing the following? Is
>there a package I should load? It seems so simple.
>Solve[3^(2 x)==(1/9)^(x + 5),x]

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