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Re: Mandrake 8.0 and Mathematica 4.01

In article <9codn6$g3f at>, Ronald Bruck  <bruck at> wrote:
>In article <9cldf8$18a at>,
> Jean Sebastien Theriault?= <jst at> wrote:
>:Ronald Bruck wrote:
>:> I just installed the new version of Mandrake, 8.0, and Mathematica 
>:> 4.01's GUI has quit working.
>:> More precisely, the key bindings are screwed up.  When I hit the 
>:> "Delete" key there's a forward space!  As well, you can't drag over text.
>:> This makes the user interface almost unusable.  Does anybody have any 
>:> idea why the program would suddenly quit working?  Other programs 
>:> continue to work.  Could this be the Motif interface?
>:Try hitting your NumLock key. When NumLock is on, I have the same GUI 
>:behaviour as you describe. I'm running Mandrake 7.1.

I wonder if there might be a nicer way of doing this...  After all,
NumLock ON is a very useful state for a modern keyboard!  


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