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multiple ImplicitPlot


I´m looking for a convenient way to create the following ImplicitPlot
(hope I cut-and-pasted it right)

    2*Cot[\[CapitalTheta]\ Degree]*\(Ma\^2*Sin[\[CapitalTheta]\
Degree]\^2 - \
1\)\/\(Ma\^2*\((\[Kappa] + Cos[2*\[CapitalTheta]\ Degree])\) + 2\) == 
      Tan[\[Delta]\ Degree], {\[Delta], 0, 90}, {\[CapitalTheta], 0,

which should not only contain one graph for a single Ma, but several
graphs for a given range of Ma (e.g. {Ma,1,100,5}). 

Is there also a way to tell Mathematica in this context, that Ma should
not grow linearly but exponentially?

Thanks in advance!

Torsten Wolf

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