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Re: Integrating TeXSaved Mathematica in LaTeX-Documents

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  • Subject: [mg29146] Re: Integrating TeXSaved Mathematica in LaTeX-Documents
  • From: Jens-Peer Kuska <kuska at>
  • Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 23:28:32 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Universitaet Leipzig
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1) in the text part of cells the command 

System`Convert`TeXDump`UnicodeCharacters = 
  System`Convert`TeXDump`UnicodeCharacters /. {
      ("ä" -> _) :> ("ä" -> "\"a"),
      ("ü" -> _) :> ("ü" -> "\"u"),
      ("ö" -> _) :> ("ö" -> "\"o"),
      ("Ä" -> _) :> ("Ä" -> "\"A"),
      ("Ü" -> _) :> ("Ü" -> "\"u"),
      ("Ö" -> _) :> ("Ö" -> "\"O")}

will bring you back the "Einheitliche deutsche TeX-Befehle" standard.
with "a for ae ... and you must use \usepackage{german}.

2) since you can only change the mathematical fonts before
   and you should not change the math fonts in a running text the fonts
   are fixed. 
   You may define your own mathversion that use again Computer Modern
   you many manual switch back to Computer Modern text fonts.

   This combination had never been tested because the TeXSave[] command
   designed to create a single document and not the pice of a larger

3) Since the PostScript fonts are by default used with notebook2e.sty
   base text font is times and an PostScript fonts. PostScript don't 
   use ligatures, it has a kerning table. dvips know to reencode the
   to OT1 encoding and combine PostScript letters to ligatures.
   Since it works wit  dvips I assume it is just an nother bub of Yap.


Stefan.Schenderlein at wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried to combine Mathematica and LaTeX but did not get the results I
> wanted. Perhaps there is a simple explanation and someone could help me.
> Mathematica offers the possibility to save a notebook as TeX-File. I would
> like to append the mathematica notebook to a LaTeX-document. As I understoot
> I need
> \usepackage{notebook2e}
> to to so. This works but there are some "changes".
> 1. The German umlaut =E4, =F6, =FC are translated into \ADoubleDot{}, ODoubleDot
> and so on which is not accepted by LaTeX. OK, I can use "Find and Replace"
> or something else in TeX, but could Mathematica be told to use the umlaut directly?

> 2. I would like to append the notebook to a report (using the German macro
> package "KOMA script" and the appropriate document classes). If I include
> the TeXsaved Mathematica File and put the \usepackage statement into the
> main document the whole document uses now the Mathematica fonts. Also the
> table of content has double spaced lines. Has anybody tried this combination
> already? Is there a way to have only the appendix formatted by
> notebook2e.sty?
> 3. Unfortunately all the ligations (fi, ff, fl) in the document are replaced
> by undefined symbols of the MathFonts. I can only avoid this when printing
> from the DVI-Viewer (YAP) but not from the Postsript-Viewer (GSView) what
> confuses me further. (This does not change if I do not use KOMA-Script.)
> Stefan

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