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Re: Limit question

"Leonard Howell" <lwhowell at> wrote in message
news:9sb2du$p56$1 at
> I'm trying to evaluate Limit [Exp[x] * (1/x^2), x-> Infinity] with
> Mathematica but can not seem to get the correct answer of Infinity.  Next,
> want Limit [Exp[x] /( x!), x-> Infinity] but can't get it either.  Can
> someone please provide guidance?

Exp[x] * (1/x^2) does NOT have a limiting value as x-->Infinity.

On the other hand Exp[x] /( x!) does have a limiting value, which can be
found as follows:


NLimit [Exp[x] /( x!), x -> Infinity]

See the Help Browser for more information.

Steve Luttrell
Malvern Technology Centre

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