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Re: webMathematica

Hi, I am a mathematica newbie with urgent problems with how to create a branching tree. i have a template for it.
however, can someone show me a more efficient or understandable version of how to make a branching tree.

(2) i also like to inquire if, i like to modify my algorithm, such that i can bend my last branch in a differnt
angle that is a user input.

Thank you for your guidance,

regards, a desperate mathematica newbie

rotate2d[a_, tht_, b_]:=b + {{Cos[tht],-Sin[tht]},

twinline[Line[{start_, end_}]]:=
{Line[{end, end + shrinkage rotate2d[end-start, rotation,{0,0}]}],
Line[{end, end + shrinkage rotate2d[end -start, -rotation,{0,0}]}] }

Show[Graphics[{ Line[{{0,0},{0,1}}],twinline[Line[{{0.,0.},{0.,1.}}]] }],


AspectRatio->Automatic, PlotRange->All]

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