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Re: printing in mathematica

"Mike" <kodanguk at> wrote in message
news:9tlc88$ph7$1 at
> I have writting a function that goes through several thousand iterations
> takes some time to evaluate.  What i would like to do is for it to tell me
> what iteration it is on at any given moment in time - if i use print[ ]
> this then i end up with a huge list of numbers.
> Is there anyway to output a number to a cell and then to overwrite it with
> another number later?

You can use this useful routine that was posted to this newsgroup a while
ago (by Theodore Gray):

ShowStatus[status_] := LinkWrite[$ParentLink,
SetNotebookStatusLine[FrontEnd`EvaluationNotebook[], ToString[status]]]

Here is an example of how to use it:

Table[If[Mod[i, 10] == 0, ShowStatus[i]]; {i, Zeta[i]},  {i, 500}];

Steve Luttrell
Malvern Technology Centre

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