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Re: ListDensityPlot print problem + poll

<axc at> wrote in message
news:9p40tu$5d4$1 at
> i'm using Mathematica 4.0 with win98 and printing to a postscript printer.
> have some ListDensityPlots which on screen have lots of gray levels,
> but when printed only the white and black 'cells' appear, with the
> mid-level gray cells rendered as black. However when i cut and paste
> those graphics to ms word ('97) and print from there the gray levels
> come out ok, so that rules out a printer driver problem. any clues?

I vaguely remember I had a problem like this, but it was a few years ago
with an earlier version of Mathematica. The problem turned out to be that my
Window display settings were only 256 colour (or maybe 65536 colour). When I
set Windows to a higher colour resolution the problem went away.

Steve Luttrell
QinetiQ, Malvern, U.K.

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