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RE: How to find and plot real roots?


Use the RealOnly standard package.



Plot[x^(1/3)*(3 + x)^(2/3), {x, -2, 2}];

works without any error messages.

The problem with the RealOnly package is that, once you load the package,
you can't turn the feature off without quitting the kernel. Ted Ersek has a
package on MathSource called SwitchableRealOnly that allows you to turn the
real only feature on and off and is somewhat more robust in other ways.

David Park
djmp at

> From: Chitchanok Carlen [mailto:anok at]
To: mathgroup at
> How does one find the real root, for example:
> (-1)^(1/3) in Mathematica ?
> Also, I want to plot x^(1/3)*(x+3)^(2/3), but the fact that
> Mathematica doesn't
> know which roots to pick causes errors in the Plot function.  How
> to force
> it to find real roots?
> Thanks.

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