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RE: DSolve solution validation

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  • Subject: [mg33949] RE: [mg33910] DSolve solution validation
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  • Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 01:22:02 -0400 (EDT)
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Consider this:


E^z - E^Re[z] 

g'[z]-Abs[g[z]] //InputForm

E^(-z) - E^(-Re[z])

So you see, here are two solutions (f and g) to your differential
equation, if z is restricted to Real values.  Unfortunately, DSolve
doesn't make that assumption, or can't simplify the solutions properly.

Bobby Treat

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From: Vladimir Bondarenko [mailto:vvb at] 
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Subject: [mg33949] [mg33910] DSolve solution validation

Sometimes, it is easy to double check the DSolve's output.

However, an attempt to solve

                             DSolve[y'[z] == Abs[y[z]], y[z], z]

{{y[z] -> InverseFunction[(-(Log[2*Sqrt[Im[K$3541]^2 + Re[K$3541]^2] +
(2*(-Im[K$3541]^2 + Im[K$3541]*Im[#1] - Re[K$3541]^2 +
Sqrt[Im[K$3541]^2 - 2*Im[K$3541]*Im[#1] + Im[#1]^2 + Re[K$3541]^2 -
2*Re[K$3541]*Re[#1] + Re[#1]^2]]/Sqrt[Im[K$3541]^2 - 2*Im[K$3541]*Im[#1]
Im[#1]^2 + Re[K$3541]^2 - 2*Re[K$3541]*Re[#1] + Re[#1]^2]) +
Log[2*Sqrt[Im[#1]^2 +
Re[#1]^2] + (2*((-Im[K$3541])*Im[#1] + Im[#1]^2 - Re[K$3541]*Re[#1] +
Sqrt[Im[K$3541]^2 - 2*Im[K$3541]*Im[#1] + Im[#1]^2 + Re[K$3541]^2 -
2*Re[K$3541]*Re[#1] + Re[#1]^2]]/Sqrt[Im[K$3541]^2 - 2*Im[K$3541]*Im[#1]
+Im[#1]^2 +
Re[K$3541]^2 - 2*Re[K$3541]*Re[#1] + Re[#1]^2])*(-K$3541 + #1) & ][z +

If I try to use D[] to check it, I get an expression with ByteCount of
737608. The attempt to Simplify this huge expression for the derivative
gave no answer after 1 hour at CPU = Athlon FX 1600+ / RAM = 512 Mb.

Question # 1:   Is the above shown solution correct? (It involves 2 free
                K$3541 and C[1], but after simplification K$3541 might
                (Also, this ODE is not linear, so the answer to it might
have 2 free

By hand I found

                z Sign[y[z]] - Log[y[z]] = C[1]

Question # 2:   Is this implicit solution correct? (I am not 100% sure)

Question # 3:   Looks like I've calculated a collection of ODEs about
                I suspect that the corresponding DSolve's solutions are
                What are the possible ways to double check these
                Any modules written in Mathematica? Anything else?

Vladimir Bondarenko

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