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Solving equations / real valued variables and parameters


I have got two questions.


If I try to solve the following equation for "m".
= = 0, m]
I receive the error message "The equations appear to involve the
variables to be solved for in an essentially non-algebraic way".

However, if I set n=0, 

Solve[a/(a+b)-(a+b)*((a/(a+b))^a)*((b/(a+b))^b)*m^(a+b-1) = = 0, m]

Mathematica gives me a solution for "m".

m -> ((((a/(a+b))^a)*((b/(a+b))^b)*(a+b)^2)/a)^(1/(1-a-b))

I do not understand, why Mathematica does not give me a solution for
the first equation, since both equations look very similar.


My second question concerns real valued variables/parameters. Is there
a possibility to tell Mathematica (at the beginning of a notebook file
or within a function) that some variables and/or parameters are real

Thanks for your answers


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