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Re: Stumped again on a simple list

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, 1.156 wrote:
> I make a simple list ii and I find I can make other lists easily by
> algebraic moves like jj=ii/2, etc.  But when I want make a new list
> which splits two different formula, I'm stumped.
> Here's a stripped down version to illustrate my problem.  I want to
> use the value in the original array to determine how to make the new
> array.  The If[] is the only thing I can find to make this decision.  
> But, it seems I'm not even close when I try:
> ii=Table[z,{z,50,1400,5}];
> jj=If[ii<100,50,200]

Define the function that determines the new array

	f = If[# < 100, 50, 200]&

Map the function to the original array


As always with Mathematica, there are different ways of doing
something. This is another posibility:

	SetAttributes[f, Listable];
	f[x] := If[x < 100, 50, 200];

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