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Re: Length and Drop

At 5:03 -0500 4-01-2002, Steve Gray wrote:
>     The following sequence seems wrong to  me, in that
>after dropping some elements from a list, its Length is
>still the same. I copied this directly from the notebook
>but removed the In[] and Out[] statements.
>timexp={{0,0}} -> {{0,0}}        [this is ok]
>timexp=Append[timexp,{7,8}] -> {{0,0},{7,8}}       [this is ok]
>Length[timexp] -> 2             [this is ok]
>Drop[timexp,1] -> {{7,8}}         [this is ok]
>Length[timexp] -> 2                    [ this is what I did not expect!]
>     Should not Drop reduce the Length of the list by the amount


Drop[timexp,1] does not affect timex, so its length remains 2; the 
most recent output has the length you expected

Length[%] -> 1

Adriano Pascoletti

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