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FrameLabel text rotation problem in LINUX

I'm running Mathematica v. under Red Hat LINUX 7.1. (The X server
I'm using is XFree86 version 4.0.2, I believe.) When I use Plot (and
ListPlot; haven't checked other plotting functions yet) to plot a function
with the options Axes -> False, Frame -> True, and FrameLabel -> {"x axis
text", "y axis text"}], the y axis label will be oriented such that the
baseline of the text is parallel to the y axis, but the individual
characters of the text are not rotated in the front end display. The label
appears like this in the front end rendering of the plot:




Printing the notebook to a Postscript file and inspecting with GhostView
shows that the individual characters are properly rotated on printout. Does
this suggest a front end problem, or perhaps a problem in X?

If hard copy prints out OK, I can tolerate the goofy rendering in the front
end, but is there something I can do to fix this? TIA.

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