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Re: Encapsulated submissions

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  • Subject: [mg34745] Re: Encapsulated submissions
  • From: Igor Chudov <ichudov at Algebra.Com>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 03:42:03 -0400 (EDT)
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stump does recognize encapsulated posts. The heuristic is that they
have no Subject: [mg34745] field, and that the real headers are present in the
body starting on the first line. It works fine, I have not seen
encapsulated submissions in my approval queues in a long time.

I hope that your standard will provide asy means for people to submit
articles via email to submission addresses of mod groups.


On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 08:25:47PM +0100, Charles Lindsey wrote:
> It has always been the case that CNews (and some others too, I believe)
> submits an article to a moderator by encapsulating the complete article
> within the body of an email message to the moderator. Most other systems
> seem to send the article to the moderator as an email, simply by
> including a Newsgroups-header in the email, and maybe adding a To-header
> to get it to the moderator.
> Since there are a fair number of CNews systems around (though they are
> clearly in a minority) I haver always assumed that moderators had long
> ago learnt to cope with both formats (certainly I have managed to post
> articles to various newsgroups using CNews).
> What I would like to know is what proportion of articles currently
> arrive encapsulated, and what proportion do not? And do moderators have
> any particular problem with them, and also do robomoderators like Stump
> recognise both formats?
> The Usefor draft will try to shift the balance so that encapulation
> will become the norm (there are agreed technical advantages in doing
> this). It is argued that this is not a change to current practice, since
> current practice already recognises both formats. However, some doubt
> has been expressed about this, and so I am writing to this list to gauge
> what the current practice actually is.
> Note that both practices should still work under the new draft. It
> is just a question of which is to be encouraged and which is to be
> deprecated.
> Please reply directly to me as well as to this list, since I am not sure
> whether my attempt to subscribe to this list has worked yet.
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