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Re: Is it possible to access internal variables?

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  • Subject: [mg34825] Re: Is it possible to access internal variables?
  • From: "Arny" <someone at somewhere.sometime>
  • Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 05:21:47 -0400 (EDT)
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Dear Mssrs Hanlon, Wulf,

Thanks again for this help.  I believe Mr. Wulf is correct, I was confused
as to what was happening with my function.  I had believed that due to some
minor perturbations that the function, which was supposed to be bounded
between -1 and 1, was expanding outside of this range and that FindMinimum
was discovering the new Min.  The function is a log-likelihood function
which is being maximized (minned) over this range.  Outside of this range it
is complex.  It is a smooth function, but perhaps not smooth enough, it can
have very sharp bends near the bounds.  So what was probably happening was
that FindMinimum was jumping outside of the bound, hitting the non-real
area, and returning the error, which I misread to be that it had found some
value.  In fact, as you point out, it has only returned it's last-tried

I ended up implementing a solution that intercepts the errors and just
starts the routine over again with different starting values.

I have attached a picture of the potential function.  
[Contact the author to get this attachment - moderator]

Ok, thanks again!


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>BobHanlon at> wrote in message news:adkg3s$a09$1 at
> My response failed to extract the final (failed) value with the
> My bad.
> However, the definition of g is not behaving differently from that for h
> to anything other than different definitions.  The definition of h does
> assign v a new value.  Copied from below:
> h[x_] := Module[{t = f[x]}, Append[v, {x, t}]; t];
> With the assignment included it will behave similarly, i.e., still won't
> what was requested.
> Bob
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