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RE: Re: Using Mathgroup Effectively -- cutting and pasting expressions

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  • Subject: [mg34860] RE: [mg34834] Re: Using Mathgroup Effectively -- cutting and pasting expressions
  • From: "David Park" <djmp at>
  • Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 05:00:23 -0400 (EDT)
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I find the easiest method for posting Mathematica expressions to MathGroup
is to convert them to InputForm. Then copy and paste. To covert to InputForm
put the cursor in the cell and use Shift-Ctrl-I. (Shift-Ctrl-N converts back
to StandardForm.) Sometimes I make a copy before converting. On my Windows
system I copy back to a notebook by pasting as plain text. (Otherwise the
font size is very small. Most systems may not have that problem.)

If you are explicitly making examples for MathGroup you might just avoid box
form and Greek symbols. If the only special characters are -> in options,
Mathematica converts them to the special character after you type -> and
space. But if you have only a few, you can convert them back by retyping and
not spacing afterwards.

Some people copy the whole cells with the In/Out numbers into postings. My
preference is not to have the In/Out numbers because it makes it easier to
copy a group of statements back into a notebook.

If you have a notebook that isn't too long, you can select the entire
notebook and copy it as a notebook expression and then paste it into the
posting, as DrBob did in the posting just before yours.

You should be able to paste boxed expressions from a notebook to an email,
and copy them back to the notebook. Just copy and paste. You shouldn't have
to do anything special. It is just that they are often not very readable in
the postings. But readers who want to copy them to a notebook should be able
to work with them.

David Park
djmp at

> From: Richard Palmer [mailto:dickp at]
To: mathgroup at
> Hi Steve,
> Thanks for your reply.  I know it isn't your problem as the mail group
> moderator, but I am personally annoyed at the difficulty of copying and
> pasting sections of Mathematica code as text.  When I cut and
> paste from a notebook
> using an ASCII text editor (TEXTEDIT on the MAC)  the result
> comes out like
> Cell[BoxData[
>     \(InverseFourierTransform[\((\(\[ExponentialE]\^\(1\/2\ \[ImaginaryI]\
> t\ \
> \((2\ \[Mu] + \[ImaginaryI]\ t\ \[Sigma]\^2)\)\)\ \((1 + Erf[\(\[Mu] + \
> \[ImaginaryI]\ t\ \[Sigma]\^2\)\/\(\@2\ \[Sigma]\)])\)\)\/\(1 +
> Erf[\[Mu]\/\(\
> \@2\ \[Sigma]\)]\))\)\^n, t, x, FourierParameters \[Rule] {1, 1}]\)],
> "Output"]
> }, Open  ]],
> This is absolutely worthless for communication.  To make matters
> worse, If I
> open up a Mathematica session and paste the expression above into
> the session, Mathematica
> throws an error.
> My hope is that something will give and either Mathgroup can find a way to
> post notebooks or Mathematica can find a way to cut and paste
> expressions in some
> useful and readable way into emails.
> If you feel it is appropriate, please post our conversation into
> mathgroup.
> Perhaps I am missing something here.  Thanks in advance.
> Richard Palmer

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