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Re: PolynomialQ ?

"Juan" <erfa11 at> wrote:

> Hi,I tried to check is a polynomial have a variable, ussing the function 
> PolynomialQ.
> In[1]:=p = x^3 - 2*x^2 + x - 1;
> In[2]:=PolynomialQ[p, x]
> Out[2]=True
> In[3]:=PolynomialQ[p, y]
> Out[3]=True
> In[4]:=PolynomialQ[p, z^2]
> Out[4]=True
> In[5]:=PolynomialQ[p, {u, v}]
> Out[5]=True
> What is the thing I am doing wrong?

The polynomial in x is a constant in y, in z^2, and in {u,v}, and is
therefore a polynomial in those variables as well. If you want no
other variables to be present, you might look into FreeQ:

Wolfram Research.

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