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Re: Palette resizing

rigelstar_99 at (Daniel) wrote in message news:<adv69c$jq$1 at>...
> My basic input palette has been resized to the size of my screen. 
> While I can move it out of the way of the notebook it is very annoying
> because of the size of the palette.  How do I get the palette back to
> its original size.  Is there a file which I can edit manually?  I have
> searched without luck.

The basic input palette is just a notebook, BasicInput.nb (on my
Mathematica 4.1/Windows, it's located in 
Mathematica\4.1\SystemFiles\FrontEnd\Palettes). Toward the end of 
the file are the parameters governing window size and positioning,
e.g., WindowSize->{Fit, Fit}. Presumably this file has become
corrupted, and I guess you could carefully try to fix it in a text 
editor.(The options inspector does not seem to allow changing options 
in the system palette notebooks.)

Better, I think, to just restore it from the original distribution.
Search your Wolfram CD for "BasicInput.nb"--you'll find two copies
of the file, one for Windows (PC), one for Unix.

-- Dave Collins

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