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Re: Re: Using Text Cells

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This is because inline cells are not in StandardForm by default, but 

Use the menu item Cell -> Default Inline Format Type -> StandardForm.

At 03:45 AM 10/1/2002, Murray Eisenberg wrote:
>David Park's posting reminded me of a frequent annoyance when I am
>trying to include some Mathematica expressions within text cells -- a
>Mathematica input expression in Standard Form that involves use of a
>Control-key combination to form a superscript, square-root, or built-up
>For example, suppose I want to include within a text cell a Standard
>Form expression for the square of x, with the exponent 2 raised. If I
>type the x first, even if I immediately highlight it and change it to
>Courier (to match the default font for Input cells in Standard Form), as
>soon as I press the Control-^ key combination, an Inline cell is created
>beginning with the x, and then when I type the exponent 2 everything in
>that Inline cell is now in Times, and the x is Italic.  To change both
>characters to Courier is not so easy: it seems to require separately
>selecting the x and the 2 and changing the font of each.  (Highlighting
>the entire Inline cell and selecting Courier does not change the exponent!)
>So to avoid this annoyance I normally must first type the desired
>expression in a separate Input cell, then copy the contents of that cell
>to the desired point in the Text cell.
>Any suggestions on a more efficient method for handling this?
>David Park wrote:
> > In receiving notebooks from many different people I have noticed that
> > beginners often do not know how to use Text cells ....
> >
> > Some users may hesitate to use Text cells because they want to include a
> > mathematical expression in the comments....
> > Just use an Inline cell within the text cell....
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