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RE: trouble with pattern matching & manipulating

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  • Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 05:25:00 -0400 (EDT)
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Try this:

A + B/C + D*(Sqrt[E]/C) == 0
(#1 - %[[1,{1, 2}]] & ) /@ %
(C*#1 & ) /@ %
(#1^2 & ) /@ %

Also, be aware that E is the natural logarithm base, reserved for that


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From: Troy Goodson [mailto:Troy.D.Goodson at] 
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Subject: [mg37047] [mg37013] trouble with pattern matching & manipulating

I'm a newbie and, of course, the first thing I want to do is apparently 
one of the most complicated...

I have an expression that looks like this:

A + B/C + D*Sqrt[E]/C = 0

A,B,C,D, & E are all polynomials in x
I want it to look like this

(D^2)*E = (A*C + B)^2

At that point, I'll have polynomials in x on both sides.  Finally, I 
want the equation to be written out with terms grouped by powers of x, 
but I think I can do that part :)

I'll be very grateful to anyone who can give me some pointers.  Or, at 
least point me to some tutorial in the Mathematica documentation.  I've 
been looking over the documentation and I found Appendix A.5 in The 
Mathematica Book, but that doesn't help me.  I _need_ some examples. I 
did find a couple of well-written posts in this newsgroup, but not quite

close enough to what I want.




FYI, here's the expression I'm working with.

denom = Sqrt[(B^2 - r^2)^2 + 4*(r^2)*(b^2)]
cnu = (2*b^2 - B^2 + r^2)/denom
snu = -2*b*Sqrt[B^2 - b^2]/denom
sif = 2*r*b/denom
cif = (r^2 - B^2)/denom

pdr  = -Cos[ds]*Sin[q]*(snu*cif + 
  cnu*sif) - Sin[ds]*(cnu*cif - snu*sif)

0 == -(B^2 - b^2)*V^2/(r^2) + (((B*V)^2)/(
  r^2) - 2*w*b*V*Cos[q]*Cos[ds] + (w*
  r)^2 - (w*r*pdr)^2)*(Cos[qr])^2 

Although I said it's a polynomial in x, it's really a polynomial in "b" 
that I'm after.

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