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OT:RE: Mathematica stole my X so I had to kill it

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  • Subject: [mg37041] OT:RE: Mathematica stole my X so I had to kill it
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  • Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 05:24:31 -0400 (EDT)
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David Park wrote:

> Yes, there seems to be a lot of people who have a visceral hatred for
> Microsoft and Windows. They are even willing to "shed blood" to avoid
> Windows. But why? Windows works and you don't have to become a systems
> programmer.
> Furthermore, I think that Steven Wolfram uses some version of Windows. So
> guess which system Mathematica will be best tuned up for?
> I have no problems with Mathematica and Windows on my single computer.
> There may be reasons for using a non-Microsoft operating system. But if
> you are going to do it, make certain that they are good reasons.

In general, the functionality I get with SuSE Linux, out of the box, exceeds 
that of Windows XP by orders of magnitude.  I recall when I first started 
using Linux back in 1997 (IIRC).  The GUI made the CDE look good!.  I had 
been using Windows NT since October of 1992.  (Yes, I know it hadn't been 
released at that time.  That should tell you something.) I wrote a term 
paper on the architecture of NT.  In 1997 I was well on my way to being an 

I complained about the lack of a decent GUI to the SuSE Linux English 
mailing list.  The responses I received ranged from, 'real men don't need 
no stinkin' GUI' to 'have a look at the KDE project'.  I took the latter 
route.  The KDE has gone from a simple graphical desktop with a few more 
features than the CDE, (and a lot more glitches) to being the best desktop 
available.  It's growth seems to be exponential.  Windows seems, at best, 
to be linear.

All of these are usability issues.  There is another reason I don't like 
using Microsoft products.  I've also been using Mozilla since 1995. (Yes, 
it has always been called Mozilla.) I was one of the original beta testers 
for the Netscape line of internet servers.  When I saw what Netscape 
Communications were aiming for, Windows quickly lost its luster.  Netscape 
products were designed from the ground up with portability in mind.  They 
were striving for uniform functionality across all platforms.

I also saw what Microsoft did to undermine Netscape's R & D resources.  
Microsoft would condescend to having not competition in their market.  
Where I come from, people don't put up with that.  Where do I come from? I 
was born in Illinois.

I'm obviously not of the opinion that closed source is unacceptable.  I 
wouldn't be using Mathematica if I were.  I suspect one day Mathematica  will face a 
real open source challeng.  Her name is Charolette. She is the mother of 
Mozilla.  That will probably be years from now.  WRI need to be prepared to 
adjust to that eventuality when it comes.

> David Park
> djmp at


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