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HelpBrowser Mathematica Book 1.8.3 on Linux

In the first box of section 1.8.3, the matrix displayed seems to be badly 
fromatted.  Is this what others also see?  Is this just a 'typo'.  IOW, an 
isolated minor problem, or is it indicative of something larger.  I believe 
it is the former.

Please don't think that all I'm doing is trying to find fault with 
Mathematica.  And I'm not trying to be knit-picky.  If it weren't for my 
previous problems - many of which seem to have stemmed from a font 
configuration problem introduced by an operating system upgrade - I would 
simply shrug this one badly formatted block off as a goof of some kind.  The 
last time I noticed something like this, however, it turned into a few days 
worth of banging my head against a wall trying to figure out what was wrong.

Please, someone, take a moment to look at this, and let me know what's up with 
it.  What I see is kind of like this, but with bigger parentheses:
		a		b
		c		d
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