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ListIntegrate Info.

Can someone provide me more information on how ListIntegrate works
than what is contained in the version 4 manual ? Is there a website
perhaps or tutorial ?

I would like to know how the beginning and end of a list of {x,y}
pairs that is being integrated is dealt with by ListIntegrate.

I know a series of polynomials is somehow used but how ? Do these
overlap ? Are they piecewise continuous ?

Are these polynomials available for inspection ? How do they change as
a function of "k" ?

optimum "k" value for a given list ? For any given list, will accuracy
monotonically increase with increasing values of "k" ? Is there
anything in the Option Inspector that could cause unexpected behaivor
with ListIntegrate ?

Are there any good rules of thumb or procedures that will help ensure
a reasonable answer is produced ?

Is there a way of estimating the error or accuracy of  integration
performed by ListIntegrate ?

Thanks for any help.

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