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More levels of subsection nesting

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  • Subject: [mg36598] More levels of subsection nesting
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  • Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 01:14:36 -0400 (EDT)
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Mathematica seems to support 3 levels of nesting:
section, subsection, and subsubsection.

Q: how can I obtain more levels of nesting?
I typically go 6-7 levels deep.


= Config =

I am using Mathematica 4 on a Sun Sparc at work.

= Good Style or Not =

I *know*, good style guides say that you should never
go more than 3 levels of section deep. I disagree, and
don't care. After editting my documents may only end
up with three levels of subsection nesting, but while
I am editting, moving stuff around, I frequently want more.

(Often, I move a whole "subtree" of the document around,
so that all sections become subsubsections, subsections
become subsubsections, etc.) 

E.g. HTML originally had only H1, H2, H3,
but now it goes all the way up to H10.

= How are Sections Indicated? =

I had hoped to define my own styles, 
section, subsection, sub2section, sub3section, etc.
(ideally, section(level) if styles can be parameterized).
But, I cannot see how to indicate how deeply nested a 
style is.

In particular, I want to use the "folding" or "hiding"
feature, so that after I have defined sub6section, etc.
I can hide everything below a sub4section.

== Nesting Level or Bracket? ==

It appears that Mathematica's sections have the level hardwired
into them.
	section is at level 0
	subsection at level 1
	subsubsection at level 2

This means that the next section at the same level terminates
a nesting group.

The alternative implementation is to use brackets, e.g. XML
	level 1
	    level 2
                level 2
        	level 1

This does not require the section level to be hardwired into the style.

Obviously, Mathematica supports the first, hardwired or explicit level
scheme.  But, I cannot figure out how to extend it to multiple levels.

I woulds be especially happy if the second approach were available,
but, again, do not know how to create a Mathematica notebook style
that accomplishes it.


I'm sorry if this is a frequently asked question.  I have searched the FAQ
and the MathGroup archives to no avail.  I did find stuff on section numbering,
which is related - I usually like Dewey decimal section numbers extended to the same
arbitrary depth - but none on deeper nesting than subsubsection.

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