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Re: Changing style in Plot

This may help:

p1 = Plot[3*x - 1, {x, 0, 4}, PlotStyle ->
     Thickness[0.1], DisplayFunction -> Identity];
  p2 = Plot[3*x - 1, {x, 4, 10}, PlotStyle ->
     Thickness[0.2], DisplayFunction -> Identity];
Show[p1, p2, DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction];

I think Thickness[0.1] and Thickness[0.2] are really too thick. Perhaps 1/10
of that would work better.

Tomas Garza
Mexico City
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From: "Thomas Manz" <thomas.manz at>
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Subject: [mg39521] [mg39499] Changing style in Plot

> Hello,
> I´d like to change the style of a plot in dependency on the x-value. I
think this WRONG example shows, what I want:
> Plot[3x-1, {x,0,10}, PlotStyle->If[x>4,Thickness[0.1],Thickness[0.2]]]
> Does anyone have an idea how to do this??
> Thanks a lot
> Thomas

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