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Re: Re: FindMinimum

It would be enormously helpful if you could provide us with some example.
Some sample values for index, alpha, beta, omega?

Tomas Garza
Mexico City
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From: "Dugmore Biyana" <DBiyana at>
To: mathgroup at
Subject: [mg39616] [mg39594] Re: FindMinimum

> Hi Mathgroup!
> I'm running a small Mathematica program that reads:
> logLikelihood[index_List,alpha_,beta_,omega_]:=Module[{u,v},u=Log
> [Rest[index]] - Log[Drop[index,-1]]; v = FoldList[(omega+alpha*#2 +
> beta*#1)&,First[u]^2,Rest[u]^2]; -Fold[Plus,0,Log[v]+u^2/v]
> Block[{$RecursionLimit=Infinity},FindMinimum[-
> logLikelihood[index,alpha,beta,omega],{alpha,x1start
> ,x1min,x1max},{beta,x2start,x2min,x2max},{omega,x3start,x3min,x
> 3max}]]
> I tried this code with Length[index]=240 (in reality
> Length[index]=2000)but execution went on and on for more a day
> without producing any results, except for a message
> FindMinimum::regex...., while still running. Can anyone help?
> M D Biyana

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