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Re: Limiting the results


InequalitySolve[{x==y/3, 0<=x<=9, 0<=y<=9}, {x, y}]

	0â?¤xâ?¤3&&y==3 x

Using only 0 <= x <= 3,

Table[{x, y /.Solve[x==y/3, y][[1]]}, {x, 0, 3}]


Using both,

Table[{x, 3x}, {x, 0, 3}]


Brute force method:

    Outer[List,Range[0,3], Range[0,9,3]],1],


Bob Hanlon

In article <b51a67$336$1 at>, GeRaLt <mistrzpc at> wrote:

Subject:	Limiting the results
From:		GeRaLt <mistrzpc at>
To: mathgroup at
Date:		Sun, 16 Mar 2003 07:47:19 +0000 (UTC)

Equation: x=y/3
and i want both variables to be for example digits (integers 0,1...9)
How to solve it? (so that it returns pairs (0,0),(1,3),(2,6),(3,9)) >>

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