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RE: New Plot output in version 5

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  • Subject: [mg44278] RE: [mg44247] New Plot output in version 5
  • From: "Charles" <mathbone at>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 03:23:49 -0500 (EST)
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Hi Mariusz,

Certainly is a strange behavior.  I tried teh following:

Resize[m_, s_] := Module[{},
      a = Flatten[m];
      ii = s[[1]]; jj = s[[2]];
      If[ii*jj == Length[a],
        Table[a[[jj(i - 1) + j]], {i, 1, ii}, {j, 1, jj}], Print["
      Resize Error: Not Correct Dimension"]]];
p = Table[Plot[UnitStep[
        x], {x, -1, i}, DisplayFunction -> Identity], {i, 1, 20}];
Resize[p, {4, 5}];

It looks like the specified range kick in around [-1,12].  Not sure why it
does this, though. Wish I could help more.


I just noticed that Plot no longer obeys the domain limits given by its
second argument. Try the following to reproduce my result:

Plot[UnitStep[x], {x,-1,5}]

This cannot possibly be a feature change, can it? I know I can force the
desired behavior by using PlotRange, but why should I need to repeat myself?
(At home, with my kids, I am used to it, but with Mathematica ... )


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