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Re: Out of Memory Problem (beginner)

In article <bo7pdn$am2$1 at>, cedric at (Cedric) 

> I have a matrix of 6000 x 7000.
> A = Table[i,{i,1,6000},{j,1,7000}]
> I'd like to calculate A.Transpose[A].
> But it appears "Out of Memory" problem after
> trying to calculate for a long time.
> Does anybody know how i can olve the above problem?

You can obtain the general element of such a matrix: If A is of size 
m x n, 

    A = Table[i, {i, 1, m}, {j, 1, n}]; 


    A . Transpose[A] ==  n Table[i j, {i, m}, {j, m}]


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