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Re: Unformatted File IO


The contents of test.txt are as you state below.
/*check to see that the file is there*/

(*open a file handle to the file (handle), read in the contents line by 
line (RecordSeparator) as words separated by any of the possible 
separators (WordSeparators) *)

(*note the "\"" in the list of WordSeprators is intentional because of 
your double quoted strings*)

handle = OpenRead["test.txt"];
z = ToExpression[
     ReadList[handle, Word, RecordSeparators -> {"\n"},
       WordSeparators -> {" ", "\t", "\""}, RecordLists -> True]


Bruce W. Colletti wrote:
> I have an unformatted text file whose records hold reals and double-quoted 
> strings, all delimited by spaces, e.g.,
>     "hello there"  2.7
>     1 2 3 4
>     9    "abc"      "def"
> How can I read the file to produce a list of lists, e.g., {{hello there, 2.7},
> {1,2,3,4}, {9, abc, def}}?
> Thanks.
> Bruce

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