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Cartesian[(x, y, z)] is not a valid coordinate system specification

Hello all out there

I use Mathematica 4.2 under FreeBSD (Linux API) and 4.1 (Linux).

I want to demonstrate my students something about grad, div and curl.
So I prepared a notebook on the FreeBSD-machine (Mathematica 4.2),
which worked there OK. Now I want to re-evaluate the notebook at the
university (Mathematica 4.1 on Linux) and I get the following:


In[1]:= << CalculusVectorAnalysis

  Cartesian::"shdw": Symbol "Cartesian" appears in multiple contexts \
    CalculusVectorAnalysis, Global definitions in context \
    CalculusVectorAnalysis may shadow or be shadowed by other \

In[2]:= <<GraphicsPlotField3D

In[3]:= SetCoordinates[Cartesian[x, y, z]]

  Coordinates::"invalid": Cartesian[x, y, z] is not a valid \
    coordinate system specification.

Out[3]:= SetCoordinates[Cartesian[x, y, z]]


At this point I can stop evaluating the notebook. :-(

But what is the problem here? Is there a significant difference
between 4.1 and 4.2? A Bug? 

Does a workaround exist? (I don't want to update/downgrade to have
both machines at a consistent level)

I couldn't find anything with google (but maybe I didn't look at the
right places -> pointer to them might be enough).

Thanx for any help,

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