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Re: Improper integral

poujadej at (Jean-Claude Poujade) wrote:
> Bonjour le groupe,
> I'm not a mathematician and I wonder why Mathematica doesn't return 0
> for this doubly infinite improper integral :
> In[1]:=$Version
> Out[1]=4.1 for Microsoft Windows (November 2, 2000)
> In[2]:=Integrate[x/(1+x^2),{x,-Infinity,Infinity},PrincipalValue->True]
> Integrate::idiv[...]does not converge[...]
> Out[2]:=Integrate[x/(1+x^2),{x,-Infinity,Infinity},PrincipalValue->True]
> maybe it's different with Mathematica 5.0 ?

Unfortunately, version 5 does the same thing.

Here's what you can do to help Mathematica get the principal value:


That returns 0, as it should.


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