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partial differential

Hi experts,
I have problems with solving stuff like

	 \!\(pd = \[PartialD]\_t\
         n[x, t] == \(-dif\)\ \[PartialD]\_\(x, x\)\ n[x, t] +
         int\ Exp[\(-\[Alpha]\)\ x] - rek\ n[x, t]\)

( where dif, int, alpha and rek are constants )

I tried it via

	\!\(lsg =
     NDSolve[{pd, n[x, 0] == nstart,
         n[0, t] == nstart, \((\[PartialD]\_x\ n[x, t] /. x -> 
thickn)\) 			== 0},
       n, {x, 0, thickn}, {t, 0, 2}]\)

( again nstart and thickn are constants )

but could not make it...

Have any advice??
Thank you,

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