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Re: Derivative

Paul Abbott wrote:
> First use the fundamental theorem of calculus: for an arbitrary
> function h[x,y], we have
>    D[Integrate[h[x,y],{x,y,Infinity}],y] ==
>      Integrate[Derivative[0, 1][h][x, y], {x, y, Infinity}] - h[y, y]


> Now define h,
>   h[x_, y_] = Simplify[g[x, y] Sinh[theta[x, y]] Cosh[theta[x, y]]^2];
> and compute its derivative with respect to y.
>   dhdy[x_, y_] = Simplify[D[h[x,y],y]];

ehm, "Simplify" or "Evaluate"?

please, see


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